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Print-On-Demand Marketing Ideas For Writers | Self-Publishing Relief

Congratulations! You’ve self-published your book and it’s now available for purchase. Some writers may breathe a sigh of relief and think their work is done, but it’s actually entering a new phase: marketing. While it’s important to generate buzz through your social media and author website promotional efforts, the marketing experts at Self-Publishing Relief know that book swag can be essential to your book’s success. Whether you’re hosting your launch party or attending book fairs, events, and conferences, print marketing materials will increase your visibility and help boost your book sales. Here are some of the best print-on-demand marketing ideas for writers.


Print-On-Demand Marketing Ideas For Writers

Bookmarks, Postcards, Business Cards

The most obvious choices—and still the best marketing ideas for book authors! You can hand out bookmarks with purchased books or as a reminder for those who could buy your book at a later date. Leave a stack of postcards at your local coffee shop and give out your business card at every appearance. Include elements from your cover art, the book title, your name, your author website address, and the link to purchase your book.


There are various types of glasses, mugs, and travel cups made of different materials, so shop around to see if something suits your budget. You can highlight a memorable quote from your book or the image of an item or setting that’s an integral part of your story. A cup for a fantasy book might feature a sword, while a western novel’s shot glass might be embellished with horseshoes—and your book’s title, of course!

And if purchasing drinkware is too pricey for your budget, keep in mind the insulated foam sleeves forn beverage containers!

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a functional way to get your book’s title out into the world. Imagine all your buyers acting as walking advertising billboards when they use your tote bag to carry their conference or book signing event swag! And since tote bags are reusable, readers will be spreading the word about your book in places you’d never be able to reach on your own. Be sure to include your book title, author name, and even your author website address along with any other design elements.



T-shirts are a great conversation starter and will definitely generate buzz about your book! Ways that you can use T-shirts to promote your book include giving them away to the first 10 buyers at a book signing or offering T-shirts as a contest prize that you promote on your social media and author website. Or you might even offer them for sale (admit it—many of us have bought merchandise featuring our favorite books and characters). The elements you would feature on other swag would also work on a T-shirt: cover art, a genre trope, a funny or inspiring quote, and more!


You’ll have the most memorable book launch party and will be the popular table at a book signing event or conference when you offer book cover cookies as a tasty treat!


Is your story set at the seashore or during a specific season? Does the main character’s love interest have a signature scent? If a certain fragrance can evoke your story, personalize a candle with your self-published book’s cover art! You can display this special candle at your book signing table or to create the right atmosphere at a book reading event or book club appearance. You can even offer a few as special giveaways at your in-person events!

Offering eye-catching print-on-demand promotional items will help generate awareness, create demand, and magnify your sales efforts. It’s a great way to engage your book-buying audience and to solidify your author brand.

If you’re still at the “how do I self-publish my completed manuscript” stage, the experts at Self-Publishing can help! We’ll take you through each step of the self-publishing process so that you will have a finished book you’ll be proud to put your name on. Contact us today for your free consultation.


Question: Which print-on-demand marketing idea will you try first to promote your book?


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