shutterstock_191145752Think your manuscript is ready for the eyes of the world? Having an error-free, professionally proofread manuscript is crucial to your success. Whether you’re self-publishing or going the traditional route, we can help.

We have highly-skilled proofreaders on staff who can help you beat the competition by submitting your work in the most professional way possible. Our proofreaders will eliminate any pesky errors and typos that may give your readers a bad impression.

Our service includes expert proofreading of your entire manuscript and entering of corrections. Light editorial feedback also available upon request.

Add this to your package for:

Prose: $0.025-0.035/word

Poetry: $6/page

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Custom ISBN

Accurately track sales and royalties


Eliminate typos and grammar errors

Predesigned Book Cover

Hundreds of eye-catching, sales-building choices

Additional ISBNs

For additional book versions—no expiration date

Back Cover Copywriting

Intrigue readers and close the sale

Custom Book Cover

The ultimate point-of-purchase marketing boost

Custom Book Trailer

Video that entices your audience to click “buy”

Press Release

Create promo buzz with a professionally written press release

6″ X 9″ Trim Size

Keep books with higher word counts/pages marketable

Dedicated Book Website

A hub for all your book-related promotion—an author must-have

Print Marketing Kit

Bookmarks, postcards, business cards, and posters support your marketing efforts

Book Launch Announcement

Pitch your book to our 270,000+ audience of book enthusiasts

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