Self-Publishing Your Poetry Book, Chapbook, or Poetry Collection: Let Self-Publishing Relief Guide You!

Poets: If you’re ready to self-publish a poetry book, Self-Publishing Relief can help!

Most literary agents and traditional, big-name publishers are not interested in poetry manuscripts. So poets are taking matters into their own hands and are self-publishing poetry books; self-publishing poetry chapbooks; and self-publishing poetry collections. But the technical details of self-publishing your poetry book, chapbook, or poetry collection can be daunting. And most self-publishing companies don’t offer poets and writers any support.

At Self-Publishing Relief, we have more than 25+ years of experience working with poets. We know all the fine points and special details that will make your poetry book, poetry collection, or chapbook look professionally designed. And we have the expertise to support and guide you through every step of self-publishing your poetry manuscript as an e-book and print book. Self-Publishing Relief will free you from the tedious technicalities of formatting, cover art design, and file conversions. If you have a manuscript that is twenty-four pages or more, Self-Publishing Relief can guide you in creating a finished, self-published poetry book, chapbook, or poetry collection you can be proud to put your name on. Learn more about our self-publishing packages and pricing here.


Bobbi Dean


I am forever grateful I clicked the “yes” option for Writer’s Relief’s enticement to self-publish my poetry. I have grown through this rewarding journey. Writer’s Relief/Self-Publishing Relief professionals encouraged and guided me all along the way. Now I have a published book! My only wish? I’d done it sooner.

Listen to Bobbi talk about working with Self-Publishing Relief!

Mercedes Lawry


As the winner of the Second Annual WaterSedge Poetry Chapbook Competition, I was privileged to work with the great people at Self-Publishing Relief. They guided me through the process with astonishing efficiency and good cheer. They were excellent listeners and I had no qualms along the way that I wouldn’t be pleased with the result. I most certainly am!

Christopher Kuhl


My experience with Self-Publishing Relief in publishing Night Travels, my collection of poetry, was satisfying from beginning to end. They gave me guidance; they genuinely considered my suggestions; they patiently answered my myriad, panicky questions. The result was a quality book with a dynamite cover (and I was able to be part of the design process). The book has been selling very well; I have already, in just two months, received a substantial royalty check. And the response has been such that another publishing company wants to re-release an earlier book of mine. After reading Night Travels, they checked out my website and Facebook author page (created by Web Design Relief, Self-Publishing Relief, and Writer’s Relief), and my earlier book. We now have a contract and a slightly revised version of my earlier book in the hopper. I credit Self-Publishing Relief with this, because after seeing the book they produced, my new publisher—who does not take unsolicited manuscripts, but scouts out new books, contacts the author, and publishes only five to six books a year—chose my work. Finally, Self-Publishing Relief put together a nice video book trailer, and I am sure that is working for me. I couldn’t ask for more, and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Laurin Becker Macios


The team at Writer’s Relief and Self-Publishing Relief was supportive and helpful in creating my chapbook — from sending multiple cover design options to patience and thoroughness during review rounds. They made the publishing process easy and enjoyable!

Christian Henderson


Working with the SPR Team could not have been easier or more personal. The team’s communication, often daily, via phone and email, made the process of self-publishing seamless, informative, thorough and, frankly, easier than I ever thought it would be. I received everything promised, had every question answered and could not be happier. I just need to write more so I can do it again! Special shout-out to Erinn. She was a pleasure to work with.

Bianca Chambers Carter


Thank you so much for all the amazing help you provided. With a full-time job and family obligations, I wouldn’t have gotten this project done in a timely manner. From setting up my CreateSpace account to formatting my manuscript to assisting with the type of paper to use, Self- Publishing Relief was truly a lifesaver! I’m already thinking about my next project and you better believe I plan to use Self-Publishing Relief!

Marcia B. Loughran


Carol, Jill, and Amber (at the self-publishing division of Writer’s Relief) could not have been more generous with their time as we worked together toward the final product, Still Life With Weather, a chapbook. The team maintained a kind and respectful approach throughout. They were able to be gently firm with me, the perfectionist author, when the inevitable desire for perpetual editing threatened our deadline. I trusted their judgment in the areas of publishing that I was unfamiliar with—like paper, ink color, and margin size—and they made excellent recommendations. I would strongly recommend this team for their experience and their enthusiasm. The final product of our collaboration, my chapbook, was a beauty.

It’s time to make your dream a reality—self-publish your poetry chapbook, poetry collection, or poetry book. Schedule a consultation today with Self-Publishing Relief.

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