Book Manuscript Formatting

The interior of your book is just as important as your cover! All the small, nitpicky details of a properly formatted manuscript can make the difference between great book reviews and positive word-of-mouth—or watching your sales tank because readers spread the word that your book pages look wonky and unprofessional.

If you’re an indie author, the formatting for your book’s interior is your responsibility. And most writers are unfamiliar with the many painstaking details that can make or break your book’s interior formatting. Book formatting is such a key part of a book’s success that we include it in every Self-Publishing Relief package.

While every stage of book manuscript formatting is included in all of our Self-Publishing Relief packages, our professional formatters can also polish your book’s manuscript if you are self-publishing on your own.  

Our experts will analyze and prepare every technical element of your book’s interior: the font, indentations, scene breaks, chapter headings, illustrations, and more. (Currently we only format for Kindle and IngramSpark self-publishing.)

For pricing information, upload your manuscript here using our secure submission form. Upon receipt, our formatters will review your manuscript and provide a firm price quote within two business days. Some projects are straightforward and take an hour or two, while others can be more involved if they include footnotes, drop caps, multiple errors, etc.

Our Book Manuscript Formatting service includes all the details you expect (and many you didn’t even know were required!):

  • Determine appropriate trim size and set correct mirror margins, bleed zone, and gutter
  • Set line spacing, first line indents for prose, and justification
  • Select legible font(s) that are supported by the platform
  • Enable widow and orphan control
  • Design title page
  • Add copyright page with appropriate ISBN, credits, copyright information, and disclaimers
  • Add dedication and acknowledgment pages, if desired
  • Add author page if inside the book
  • Insert proper section breaks
  • Determine usability and set location, position and size of images, illustrations, and graphs
  • Make scene break markers consistent
  • Select appropriate style for chapter headings/poem titles and ensure consistency (including those for prologue and epilogue, if any)
  • Add headers and/or footers and make sure page numbers are correct
  • Design desired special elements such as drop caps
  • Ensure proper utilization of white space
  • Check footnotes, endnotes, and references for proper placement and numbering
  • Add table of contents, if desired, make sure numbering is correct, and add hyperlinks in e-book versions

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Whether you are purchasing a Self-Publishing Relief package or are self-publishing on your own, click here to see all the optional add-ons and a la carte services available.

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