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Many self-published writers have author websites (and if you don’t, you should!) where they actively maintain blogs to help build an audience for their books. But sometimes even the best creative writers will run out of ideas for their blogs. Self-Publishing Relief to the rescue! Check out our list of blog post ideas for marketing and promoting your books!

Blog Post Ideas For Writing About Nature

  1. Your relationship to a special tree, park bench, or outdoor spot
  2. Gardening (your favorite flowers)
  3. Taking a hike from a writer’s point of view (stopping to research birds, flowers, mushrooms, and other things you might need to write about in your work)
  4. A favorite nature poem (hint: careful not to break copyright laws)
  5. A special sighting of something outdoors

Blog Post Ideas For Writing About The Great Indoors 

  1. The best meal you ever had (and how you write about food)
  2. Television shows you are currently binge watching. What’s got you hooked?
  3. Tutorial with pictures of something you recently made
  4. Favorite family recipe (or the meals that inspire your characters’ food)
  5. The chores you love and hate most
  6. A remembered/current pet (and how that related to your writing)
  7. Visit to a museum, art gallery, theater, or other indoor venue
  8. A new outfit that you love

Blog Post Ideas For Writing About Books And Reading 

  1. What you’re reading now
  2. Favorite happy ending from a book
  3. Favorite sad ending from a book
  4. The first book that made you realize reading means a lot to you
  5. Favorite memories from the library
  6. Book event you recently attended
  7. Quotes from books you recently read
  8. Your participation in a book group
  9. How you keep focused during long writing sessions
  10. Your feelings on the question of e-readers vs. print books
  11. Books that you reread again and again
  12. How you organize your bookshelf
  13. How you keep track of all the books you read

Blog Post Ideas For Writing About Writing 

  1. Challenges of the writing life and how you overcome them
  2. The story behind your story
  3. A special mentor
  4. Your relationship with critique
  5. Your relationship with rejection
  6. Your writing process
  7. How you start the day
  8. How you stay inspired and how other writers can do the same
  9. Your grammar and usage pet peeves
  10. What your desk looks like and why
  11. Some favorite items in your office
  12. How you feel when other people are talking about your writing
  13. The craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research
  14. Things that inspire you that have nothing to do with printed words
  15. A writing conference that you are excited to attend (or that you just attended)
  16. Meeting one of your favorite authors

Book And Author Marketing Ideas For Your Blog

  1. Host a contest for readers to encourage them to leave comments
  2. Include links to your books in the signature line of every blog post
  3. Cross-promote on your blog with your power promo team
  4. Host your favorite authors as guest bloggers on your website
  5. Include social media “follow me” icons in your blog posts
  6. Create a blog post featuring great new book reviews
  7. Create blog posts that link to your online publications
  8. Use your blog to promote your digital goodies and grow your mailing list

Looking for more great ideas? Check out our other list of blog post ideas for authors and creative writers.


Question: Do you believe that blogging is a good use of your time for book marketing and promotion?


  1. Michele

    Thanks for the tips. But, man, blogging today is so much harder than when I started in the mid 2000s. Back then, I just wrote about whatever popped in my head – no worries of SEO, etc. – and I gathered a loyal following.

    Today? I post my links with teasers on all my social media platforms, like a strip show barker, “Come on over for a real wild time,” and… nothing. Okay, a few peeps inside, then good-bye.

    But I appreciate the tips. I’ll keep plugging away. Thanks!

  2. Roxanne Kiely

    Wonderful of you to share via Buzz words, I’ve been a member for some time.
    I’ve started writing semi-regular blogs and your tips have encouraged me to blog more often

    Thank you

  3. Entertainment News

    “This post is a goldmine for self-published authors like myself! 📚💡 The list of 50 blog post ideas is incredibly inspiring and just what I needed to kickstart my blog content. And the bonus book marketing tips are the cherry on top. Thank you, Self-Publishing Relief, for always providing valuable resources to help us succeed in our author journeys. Can’t wait to start writing!”

    • Blog Editor

      Thank you!


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