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Readers love getting freebies from their favorite authors! And digital promo giveaways are an inexpensive (and frankly, quite easy) way to make your fans feel special. They’re also a great way to give your book a marketing boost by tying it into the giveaway. If you need some ideas, the experts at Self-Publishing Relief have a few you can try. Here are four digital promo giveaways that your readers will love!


The Best Digital Freebies To Give Your Readers

Give away a digital copy of your book. What better way to generate interest in your book than by offering a free copy to a lucky fan? Readers can enter the contest drawing by joining your mailing list. Building a mailing list is a smart way to cross-promote in the future with updates, newsletters, and blog posts. By hosting a contest, you’ll reach a larger audience, find new readers, and build your fan base.

Offer a short story, mini poetry collection, or “bonus” chapter from your book. Invite readers to sample your writing and entice them to want more. Sharing excerpts with potential new readers will generate interest in your work. And readers who are already familiar with your writing will be excited by the opportunity to read bonus chapters or short stories featuring favorite characters. There’s no better feeling than reaching the end of a favorite book—and then finding out it’s not really the end!

Share a “behind the scenes” peek at your writing process. What inspired you to write your book? Do you have any amusing or interesting anecdotes about your writing process or the unexpected bumps you hit along the way to self-publishing the book? By sharing an exclusive “behind the scenes” glimpse with your fans, you’ll pique the curiosity of potential buyers and build a sense of community with your established readers as they gain insights into your process. It’s a win-win opportunity!


Provide a freebie related to a theme in your book. If a character in your book cooks a certain dish, offer readers the recipe! For a story that is set in a specific city, you can offer a “scrapbook” of photos you took on a trip to that location, or give away a virtual guidebook of things to see and do while visiting there. Another idea: create a printable calendar with events in your story noted on the dates they occurred, or suggestions for how to dress as your period-piece characters. If you’ve written a series, you might offer readers a character guide to give them a “who’s who” and an outline of each character’s arc (without spoilers, of course!).

Other suggestions for theme-related giveaways include an audio download of you reading your work; a screensaver download of something related to your story; or printable stationery or bookmarks. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Remember: You want to present your readers with an enjoyable freebie that will also promote your self-published book and encourage sales. Digital giveaways are one of the best ways to maintain a relationship with your established fans and make lasting connections with prospective new readers.


Question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen an author give away to readers?

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