11 Reasons To Vote For Self-Publishing

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With the election in our midst, we would like to nominate a write-in candidate that could change the shape of the future: Self-publishing!

Here Are 11 Reasons To Cast Your Vote For Self-Publishing:

You hold all the cards. As a self-published author, you embrace the joy of being your own CEO. Nobody can tell you how your cover art should look, what your book’s price point should be, or how your author headshot should appear. You’re the one in charge.

There are lots of different indie publishing models. Some self-publishing companies let you pay with royalties; others prefer a flat rate up-front. With so many independent publishers out there, you’ll be able to find one that’s right for you.

You’ll have more flexibility. In the old days, the “big five” publishing houses told you what format your book would be published in—and that was it. Now you get to decide if you want to publish an e-book, a hardcover book, a paperback, or any combination of these!

Higher royalty rates are possible with self-published e-books. Compared to traditionally published authors, self-published authors put more of their profits into their own pockets.

It’s never been more affordable. The cost of self-publishing has come down quite a bit in the last decade, driven in part by high volume and high competition.

Promoting is easier than ever. Thanks to the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Goodreads, promoting a self-published book can be accomplished with just a bit of social media savvy and a daily commitment to posts.

The quality of printed books has risen. At one point it was possible to spot a self-published book from a mile away, due to not-so-great cover design and poor quality printing. Now authors who self-publish have access to some of the best designers in the business who are capable of creating quality products.

People take self-published books seriously. Industry pros once viewed self-publishing as the place books went if they couldn’t be traditionally published. Not anymore! Today’s self-published writers often appear in the same retail outlets as traditionally published books. And some traditionally published authors have actually elected to also self-publish their projects.

You could make it big. While most self-published books manage to earn back the author’s original investment, a few break out and hit the big time. Could your book be one of them? You won’t know until you self-publish and see!

Some genres are especially great for self-publishing. Whether you’re writing romance, self-help, memoir, or a niche market book, some genres are very well suited to self-publishing. Learn which genres sell best as self-published books.

Self-publishing could lead to traditional publishing. These days, big publishing houses and literary agents are keeping their eyes peeled for their next big success story, so they’re watching the self-publishing best-seller lists. And while it used to be an “all or nothing” deal with traditional (aka legacy) publishers, today’s editors are willing to compromise with indie authors, often splitting up digital, print, and subsidiary rights rather than simply acquiring them all.

Is Self-Publishing Right For You?

It takes a certain kind of personality (high energy, with lots of marketing know-how) to make a self-published book rise to the top. Not sure if that’s you? Take this self-publishing quiz to find out.


Question: What do you love about self-publishing?


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