Book Trailers – Terms & Conditions

Book Trailer Terms & Conditions

  • Please read each item carefully and check each box to indicate that you agree. Provide your electronic signature at the end of the document by entering your full name in the space provided. Once finished, please click the submit button at the end of the form.

    Thank you for choosing Writer’s Relief/Self-Publishing Relief to produce your book trailer. This document contains the Terms and Conditions of our Agreement and will constitute a contract between you (“Author”) and Writer’s Relief. The failure of either party to adhere to this agreement will result in termination of the contract.

    Please read each item carefully and check each box to indicate that you agree. Provide your electronic signature at the end of the document by entering your full name in the space provided. Once finished, please click the submit button at the end of the form.
  • The Author retains all rights of ownership for his or her work. Writer’s Relief will not possess any rights of ownership of any material belonging to the Author and will function solely as the provider of book trailer production services.
  • The Author warrants and represents to Writer’s Relief that he/she has the right to enter into this Agreement.

    The Author warrants and represents that he/she is the sole owner of the writing and of the copyright of its content, including images and illustrations. If the Author has previously published the writing in any form, the Author warrants and represents that he/she retained all the rights for this work.

    The Author warrants and represents that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age. If the Author is under the age of eighteen (18), the Author’s parent or legal guardian warrants and represents that he/she is executing this Agreement on behalf of the Author and assuming all liability for the warranties and responsibilities set forth herein, including guarantying payments due under this Agreement. Moreover, the Author warrants and represents that the work does not contain plagiarized, hateful, legally obscene, libelous, illegal, or defamatory content.
  • The Author acknowledges that failure on his/her part to meet stated deadlines will result in a delayed production date and may void this contract.
  • The Author has read and agrees to YouTube’s terms and conditions:
  • The Author shall pay Writer’s Relief one-half of the agreed-upon fee prior to the commencement of the work. The final payment shall be due upon the Author’s final approval of the video galley.

    The email entitled “Book Trailer Order Confirmation” outlines the fees and production schedule. The Author acknowledges receipt of this email and agrees to the fees and schedule therein.
  • On finalization of the trailer the video file (MP4) will be uploaded to the Writer’s Relief YouTube page and sent to the Author. If the Author would like to upload it to his or her own YouTube page, the Author will inform Writer’s Relief in order to avoid contradiction on YouTube, and to avoid copyright strikes. SEO text will be written and published by Writer’s Relief being that the trailer is hosted on their YouTube page.
  • If the Author requires assistance after the production of the project is complete, Writer’s Relief will provide such assistance at the rate of $100 per hour.
  • If Writer’s Relief does not provide the services set forth hereunder within the time frame agreed, or if no specific time frame is agreed upon, within a reasonable period of time given the work contracted for, Writer’s Relief shall provide a refund of any funds paid within thirty (30) days of written notice of termination by the Author.

    Writer’s Relief shall have the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect at any time prior to publication date due to, but not limited to, delays created by Client, inaccuracy in information provided by Client, or other breaches of obligations or representations. Appropriate refunds will be given to the Client based on work already completed at time of termination.
  • The Author indemnifies and holds Writer’s Relief harmless, including its officers, owners, and employees from any claim or demand (including reasonable counsel fees) made by any third party due to or resulting from the Author’s use of Writer’s Relief Self-Publishing Relief services, violation of this Agreement by the Author, or infringement by the Author of the intellectual property or rights of any person or entity.
  • The parties agree that in the event of any dispute between the Author and Writer’s Relief, the Laws of the State of Delaware shall apply and that in the event of any litigation concerning this Agreement, the parties agree that the Superior Court of Delaware, Sussex County, shall be the proper venue.
  • In the event that any portion of this Agreement shall be deemed void or voidable, all other provisions of this Agreement shall survive and be enforceable.
  • The parties have had the assistance of independent counsel prior to entering into this Agreement, or not having had counsel, waive the right to have counsel prior to entry into this Agreement.

    This is the entire Agreement between the parties.

    Any amendment to this Agreement shall be in writing and signed by both parties.
  • I, the undersigned, affirm that I have read and agree to the above Terms & Conditions.
  • I have read and agreed to the above Terms & Conditions on this date.
  • Please provide an email address in order to receive a copy of the Terms & Conditions.

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