Self-Publishing Motivation In Motion!

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Self-Publishing Motivation In Motion! FINAL

Self-publishing your project takes a lot of hard work, and sometimes it’s all too easy to lose sight of your ultimate goal—getting your book out there for readers! But if you’re starting to lose your self-publishing spark, here are a few fun boosts of motivational mojo to help you make it to the finish line and reach self-publishing success!



Self-publishing your book isn’t going to be easy peasy. Do your research and be prepared to put in all the time necessary for proofreading, formatting, and designing your book—and don’t forget about marketing and promotion!



Remember, when you self-publish, you get to be the boss! You have the final say over every aspect of your book. Cover design? Royalty choice? All yours.



Don’t forget to take breaks from your self-publishing tasks. A change of scenery and a quick cup of coffee (or two, or three…) can help you stay focused and invigorated.



If you find yourself tweaking the design of your book cover every five minutes, you might need to let go of the pressure to be perfect!



Don’t slack off when it comes to proofreading—call in a professional! A manuscript that is free of grammar and spelling errors is key to self-publishing success.



Market your book on social media—because social media platforms give you a unique opportunity to interact with potential fans worldwide!



And remember: All the hard work will be worth it when your self-published book is finally finished—and you’re officially a published author!



QUESTION: What motivational advice do you have for writers currently working on self-publishing their books?

2 Responses to Self-Publishing Motivation In Motion!

  1. Take pitch classes and read about writing pitches online. It will help you write the blurb as well as help you talk to acquaintances (who might just become buyers)about your book.

    Read back cover material in your genre. Read lots of it. Take the ones you like apart. Think about what is being said and what is being left out. What do you think works and why?

    Apply your new-found knowledge in the writing of your your own promotional materials. Don’t get discouraged. This is a new skill to add to your repertoire. Who knows where it may take you?

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