Self-Published Writers: How Entering Contests Can Help Sell Your Book

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Your self-published book is fighting for sales against thousands of other books. So how do you give your book the boost it needs to stand out from the competition? An often overlooked way to help build sales and publicity is to enter contests. To savvy self-published writers, submitting their books to contests and awards is a no-brainer. And with Writer’s Relief’s up-to-date, carefully vetted, easy-to-search Classifieds, you can quickly find a contest that suits your writing style and genre! But some authors may still be shaking their heads, wondering, “Why go through all the bother?” Here’s how winning a contest can help sell your self-published book:

4 Benefits Of Winning A Contest For Your Self-Published Book

1. Free publicity. The contest organizers will announce the winning book via press releases, social media, their website, etc. If your self-published book is the winner, you’ll be reaching a much larger audience of potential fans and readers than you could reach on your own. You may even catch the attention of a literary agent or traditional publisher looking for the next best seller!

2. Sales-building stamp of approval. Book awards and contest wins are often viewed as endorsements—after all, the book must be well written and have a great plot if it’s a winner! An award can help your book overcome any lingering concerns about the quality of a self-published work. When readers are deciding between similar books, they’re more likely to purchase a book that’s won an award or contest.

3. Potential prize money. Many contests offer cash payouts. When you’re taking on the cost of marketing your book, prize money from winning a contest can help to ease strain on your wallet (at least a little bit!). Though most contests do require entry fees, the cost is usually minimal—and the potential benefit of winning the contest will far outweigh the expense of a submission fee.

4. A confidence boost. At one time or another, most writers will question their talent—especially self-published authors faced with the strain of promoting their books by themselves and wondering if they’re simply shouting into the void. A contest win can provide the bonus of restoring your faith in yourself and your writing skills.

Ready To Get Started? Here’s A List Of Contests Exclusively For Self-Published Books:

Bookstore Without Borders LYRA Contest

Digital Book Awards

eLit Book Awards

Indiefab: ForeWord’s Book  Of The Year Awards

Global eBook Awards

Historical Novel Society Awards

Hugo Awards For Science Fiction

New Children’s Author Prize

The Eric Hoffer Award

Words with JAM: First Page Competition

Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews And Awards Contest

Indie Book Awards

Kindle Book Awards

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards

IPPY Awards

QUESTION: Have you ever submitted your self-published book to a contest? Would you consider doing so?

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