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Hosting a book promotion contest is a great way to make sure your book stays fresh in your readers’ minds. And making the most of the holidays is an especially powerful means of boosting your visibility, growing your audience, and increasing book sales.

To run an effective, memorable contest, Self-Publishing Relief suggests you first ask yourself these questions:

What Are You Going To Give Away To Your Winners?

Every contest needs a prize! What will you give away? Here are some ideas:

  • Your signed book
  • A seasonal gift basket that includes your book
  • A cute seasonal mug, bookmark, and your book
  • A gift card to a reader’s choice online book retailer
  • A gift basket that includes a number of fall reads (including your book!)
  • A scarf and mitten set
  • A DVD of a favorite Halloween movie
  • A fall-themed premade basket of goodies
  • A gift for the winner PLUS a free book for one friend
  • A fancy e-reader or other high-end gift

You can also give away a free digital goodie to many entrants without breaking the bank. Learn more about how to create digital prizes for giveaways.

Other considerations include: How many winners will you choose? Do your winners have to have a mailing address in your country (or are you willing to pay international shipping)?

What’s The Primary Objective Of Your Book Promotion Contest?

If your goal is to increase your number of followers: The focus of your contest will be your social media page—so you’ll want to keep the action there. For example, for every 50 new followers you receive as a result of your contest, you’ll give away an additional prize or increase the prize amount.

If your goal is to drive more book sales: You’ll be leaning on your existing followers (via your mailing list or your social media pages) to get people to buy your book. Your contest might offer a great prize to readers who forward you a sales receipt for the purchase of your book between certain dates. Learn more about how to coax your followers into actually buying your books.

If your goal is to get more reviews for your book: Be careful. Current policies at some book retailers frown on the use of contests to encourage book reviews.

How To Create A Halloween Tie-In For Your Book Promotion Contest

Here are some fun ways to give your book promotion contest some seasonal flair:

  • Post a picture of your pet in a Halloween costume, and ask entrants to share theirs as well.
  • Post a picture of yourself in a costume from childhood, and ask followers to do the same.
  • You might want to ask entrants to enter simply by asking them to answer a fun question. Ask them to share their favorite Halloween movie, favorite candy, favorite thing to bake in the fall, etc.

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