Networking No-Nos For Self-Published Writers

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Self-published authors sometimes get a bad rap for being too “pushy” while trying to sell their books. Without the help and guidance of an in-house marketing department, it can be tricky to achieve the perfect self-promotion balance required for effective networking—you don’t want your enthusiasm to overpower your good manners! Here are some tips that will help you promote your writing without alienating potential buyers.

How To Network And Promote Your Book Without Being Pushy

Don’t walk into a room with the intention of making a sale. Instead, focus on being part of the community. While there’s no rule that you must buy a book to sell a book, it’s a good personal policy to show support for writers in general and self-published writers in particular. Post reviews of other writers’ self-published books on Goodreads, and share the authors’ special promotions on your social media. Cross-promotion can be a great way to support other writers—and to garner support for your book!

 Don’t talk nonstop about yourself—listen and be curious about other writers. Balance your in-person and social media conversations. You can talk about your book, but be sure to ask other writers about their publishing experiences as well. Build relationships. Show interest in other people—as opposed to being an all-promotion, all-the-time automaton. Who knows? Having conversations with other writers may also help generate ideas for your next book!

Don’t be a show-off. Of course you’re excited about the publication of your book; what writer wouldn’t be? But you don’t want to give the impression that you think you are better than other authors. Stay humble and show fans you’re grateful for any opportunities and accolades that come your way.

 A certain amount of self-promotion is expected—and absolutely necessary—of all writers, especially those who have self-published their books. Get out there and promote your book, but do it in a professional, confident way that does not slip into braggadocio.

Relax and have fun! If you approach networking as a chore, you will be less likely to succeed at striking the effective balance required. Focus on what you like to do. Relax and have some fun building relationships with other writers and potential readers, and you may be surprised at how quickly your fan base expands!


QUESTION: What other networking no-nos do you avoid?

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