Make Strides With PRIDE In Self-Publishing ǀ Self-Publishing Relief

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Make Strides With PRIDE In Self-Publishing ǀ Self-Publishing Relief

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month! And for decades, self-publishing has been at the forefront of publishing LGBTQ+ romance novels. But the trend-watchers at Self-Publishing Relief have noted that gay characters and stories, once limited to peripheral, niche markets, are now crossing over and attracting the attention of mainstream readers. Here’s how you can celebrate PRIDE in self-publishing, get your LGBTQ+ story out into the hands of more readers, and effectively support the community.


3 Ways To Celebrate LGBTQ+ PRIDE In Self-Publishing

Tell LGBTQ+ Stories

Though LGBTQ+ romance has become a bigger presence in traditional publishing, the queer community is still underrepresented. One of the benefits of self-publishing is that you don’t need the approval of others—namely large publishing companies and the people pulling the strings behind them—to determine what you can or cannot publish. If you want to include LGBTQ+ characters or even center your whole story around them, go for it! Just remember (especially if you aren’t part of the community you’re writing about) to be respectful and do your research.

Donate A Portion Of Your Proceeds

Consider donating a percentage of your book sales to a charity that supports the LGBTQ+ community. Cause marketing—supporting a worthy cause through your book sales—may convince readers to choose your book over another. Whether you choose The Trevor Project, The Family Equality Council, or another charity, readers are often more willing to spend money on a book if they know some of the proceeds will support a worthwhile organization.

Your self-published book doesn’t have to be about the LGBTQ+ community, but donating to an affiliated charity is a wonderful way to show support while building interest in your book. And since cause marketing gives people a reason to talk about your book, it may even go viral on social media!


Read And Support Self-Published LGBTQ+ Books

If you really want to support the community and the authors who are a part of it, search out some self-published books written by authors who are LGBTQ+ or that feature LGBTQ+ content. And if you like the book, let other readers know! Leave positive reviews, spread the word, buy a copy to gift to someone you know, or even contact the author directly (if you can) to let them know that you enjoyed their work. Use your social media and online author platform to uplift LGBTQ+ books that are great reads.

While Pride Month is the perfect time for all of us to wave our rainbow flags extra high, you don’t have to limit yourself to the month of June to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. By celebrating Pride in self-publishing year-round, you can help bring a new audience to worthwhile books—including your own!

And if you’re ready to self-publish your LGBTQ+ book but don’t know how to take the first step, the experts at Self-Publishing Relief can help you navigate the entire process. We’ll guide you from manuscript to cover design to a self-published book you’ll be proud to put your name on. Contact Self-Publishing Relief today for a free consultation to learn more.


Question: What self-published or traditionally published LGBTQ+ book have you enjoyed reading?


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Using Self-Publishing Relief is the only way I would ever consider publishing my work… the process was seamless: They answered all of my questions and always kept me apprised of the next steps.

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The team at Writer’s Relief and Self-Publishing Relief was supportive and helpful in creating my chapbook — from sending multiple cover design options to patience and thoroughness during review rounds. They made the publishing process easy and enjoyable!

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King Grossman, Novelist

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