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If you’re marketing your self-published book at a conference, odds are there will be many other authors there doing the same thing. Making sure your name stands out is a difficult (but important) task. So where do you start? At Self-Publishing Relief, we know that if you want to sell more books at a writing conference , you should give away clever book promo goodies!

The swag (stuff we all get), trinkets, or snacks found on the giveaway tables seem to exert an irresistible gravitational pull on those passing by. Who can resist freebies? And once visitors are at your table, it’s easier to strike up a conversation about your self-published book and make a sale. Remember: The best book promo giveaways not only draw people in—they also promote your author brand while generating interest in your book. You want potential fans to remember you long after the conference is over!

Don’t have spare cash in the budget to spend on dozens of expensive promotional materials? We hear you! Check out these inexpensive DIY promo goodies you can create and bring to the table at your next writing conference.

DIY Book Promo Ideas And Affordable Giveaways For Writing Conferences

Business Cards (with chocolate!): Make your business cards the ones everyone wants to grab by attaching a sweet treat! Write romances? How about attaching a Hershey’s Kiss? Or, if horror’s your genre, perhaps chocolate wrapped in foil printed to look like an eerie eyeball.

Self-Printed Postcards: Small and compact, postcards are a great way to market your book. You can include your book cover image and a few intriguing lines from your book. Even better: include five-star book reviews!

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: Chances are, most of the people who visit your table will have something that needs to be smudge-free, and these cloths are perfect for cleaning laptops, phones, and glasses. You might even be able to have your book’s title imprinted on the cloth.

Bookmarks: This is book marketing 101—put a bookmark printed with your name, book promo info, and website URL in every book you sell. And spread some out on the giveaway table so passersby will be intrigued and stop to pick up a few.

Hanging Ornaments: Using the art from your book cover, print a few coasters from your favorite photo printing company. With some twine and a hole-punch, you can create ornaments for any season!

Pens: You will need a pen to autograph books, and the people passing by your table will find it hard to resist taking the free pen you’re holding out to them. A person who pauses is a person who you can now chat with about your book! And we sound like a broken record, but remember—promote your name, book title, and author website on each pen! If you can’t afford to have the pens imprinted (or the info is too much for the limited space), tie an informative tag to each pen.

Stickers: Use these to decorate water bottles, little notebooks (what writer or reader can resist a little notebook?), or any number of other items that can be accessorized. Free bottles of water featuring your promo stickers will be snatched up by thirsty conference attendees! You can buy blank stickers and print them up on your home computer, or break out the markers and start decorating!

Key Chains: Everyone carries a set of keys. What’s better than a key chain that promotes your book? Check out places where you can buy inexpensive key chains in bulk. You can buy DIY key chain kits, or ready-made key chains that you accessorize with your promo info. How about a flip-flop key chain for your beach read? Or poker chip key chains for your story that is set in Las Vegas!


Have A Little Extra Cash? Consider These Popular Giveaways

Tote Bags: Give your visitors a handy way to carry around their newly acquired books—and make it easy for them to remember your name and your book when they get home.

T-Shirts: The ultimate promotional item, T-shirts are getting easier to design yourself. And while this marketing item will cost a bit more than key chains or chocolates, it has the potential to turn your fans into walking advertisements for your book.


Question: What was your favorite giveaway from a conference?


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