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Create A DIY Book Launch Plan That Works | Self-Publishing Relief

If you’re self-publishing your book, you’ve probably budgeted funds for the cover design, professional proofreading and content editing, and other elements of a well-designed book. Of course, while you don’t want to scrimp on your book, it’s important to save money wherever you can. At Self-Publishing Relief, our experts know a good way to keep overall costs in check is to create a DIY (Do It Yourself) book launch instead of spending big bucks on a PR team. Don’t skip this important step: Your book may be great, but if no one knows it’s available, no one will read it. An effective book launch can make the difference between selling a few books and potentially selling a few thousand! Here’s how to create a DIY book launch that works—without breaking the bank.


5 Steps To A Successful DIY Book Launch Plan

Your book launch should take into account your book and your personal strengths—which means it will be totally different from anyone else’s. That said, there are standard elements every successful book launch includes, and this is a great place to start building your DIY launch plan.

STEP ONE: Choose a date!

Make a checklist and determine your timeline before you do anything else. Once you have an idea of your publication date, you can start to plan your book launch.

STEP TWO: Consider your strengths.

Do you have a fairly large social media following, a great author website, or an active newsletter? Is there a solid fan base who will happily read and review your book for you? Do you have connections to any publications that might print a book launch announcement, or places that might hold a book reading event? All of these are great for getting the word out about your self-published book.

Remember to think outside the box and get creative. You might be able to cross-promote with a local business. Don’t be afraid to mention your new book in your writing group or book club; other readers and writers will be eager to support you. If you’re a person who feels comfortable in front of a camera, consider recording a video of yourself giving little book teasers that you can post on social media or your author website. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—you can use your smartphone camera!

STEP THREE: Plan your pre-launch marketing steps.

Before your book is published, it’s important to plant the seeds and let excitement grow! A good rule of thumb is to start building interest in your book about the same time you start preparing for publication. Announce that you have a book coming out and divulge the release date. Over time, let your followers know the title, then a bit later, reveal the cover. Maybe offer a few excerpt teasers from the book to build interest. You don’t want to wait until your book is published to start planning your marketing efforts.

If you don’t have an author website—now’s the time to get one! Your author website will act as the hub for all your online information.


STEP FOUR: Schedule readings, book signings, or other appearances.

Public events are an important part of a book launch, whether in person or virtual. Talk to local venues and secure dates before your book is published—you’ll need to promote these appearances in advance too!

STEP FIVE: Decide how to celebrate!

What will you do to celebrate and promote your release? A contest is a great promotional tool—it generates interest and excitement, and it’s an affordable way to make a splash. You should also host a book launch party (in person or online). Make your event unique and fun: team up with a charity, have a picnic in the park, give out “membership” cards, dress up in character, maybe ask some theatrical friends to act out a reading from your book.

BONUS STEP: Plan for post-launch marketing.

There are countless ways to promote your self-published book after the initial book launch. Planning some of that marketing ahead of time will allow you to actually enjoy that huge milestone!

So whether you’ll be marketing with a low- or zero-dollar budget, in new and inventive ways, through aiding social causes, or just on a general promotional level, we suggest taking some time during your pre-launch stage to schedule your post-launch promotions.

Planning a DIY book launch can be budget-friendly and still be effective. With a little imagination and creativity, you can win new readers and boost your book sales!


Question: How would you save money during a book launch?


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