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How can you learn everything you need to know about self-publishing your novel, poetry collection, memoir, or cookbook? Research, research, research! The Internet is a good resource, and you can also pick the brains of other self-published authors. Another way to become a self-publishing guru is to find writers conferences and classes that focus on this burgeoning trend in publishing.

Community colleges, libraries, and bookstores also offer classes or guest speakers on self-publishing, and usually at a lower price.

By attending conferences and/or taking classes, you’ll learn how to distinguish between the hype and the facts, hear about the latest industry trends and marketing techniques, do a little networking, and know what to look for (and what to avoid!) in self-publishing companies.

Arm yourself with the facts and you will be better prepared to choose the best venue for your book. Here are a few resources to get you started:

Self-Publishing Writers Conferences, Seminars, Groups, and Classes

1. San Francisco Writers Conference

The 2016 SFWC will be held Thursday, February 11, through Sunday, February 14. Along with literary agents, editors, and publishers from major publishing houses, you will connect with leaders in self-publishing and experts on book promotion, platform building, social media, and author websites. Go to their official page for more.

2. Book Selling at the Beach Seminar

Head to beautiful Carolina Beach, North Carolina, in April for a yearly book marketing seminar that includes self-publishing versus vanity press options. Contact John Fuhrman at 603-860-8104 for details.

3. The Chicago Self-Publishing Group

Explore the dynamic world of self-publishing and indie publishing. If you’re in the area, this group meets each month and welcomes anyone interested in learning more about self-publishing.

4. Self-Publishing Book Expo (New York City)

Established in 2009, the annual Self-Publishing Book Expo is held in November, offering authors a vast array of resources, panels, and lectures. Contact Diane Mancher at

5. Successful Self-Publishing (Philadelphia)

This half-day program is facilitated by literary lawyer Tonya M. Evans-Walls. It covers pre-press and formatting issues, basic printing, POD and eBook technology, basic publishing law, marketing and promotion, bookseller relations, distribution, and copyright basics. Contact Tonya Evans-Walls at for dates and times.

6. Writer’s Digest Webinar: When and How to Self-Publish: What To Expect, When To Do It, and How to Do It Right 

Presented by literary agent Meredith Barnes, this online seminar covers all the basics of self-publishing, from new venues to pitfalls to avoid. Learn how to get your book in the five major retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple, and Kobo. Go to Writer’s Digest to register.

These are just a few sources to consider in your quest for self-publishing expertise. Or contact us at Self-Publishing Relief. With over twenty years of experience working with authors, we can guide you through each step of the self-publishing journey!

*Note: At Self-Publishing Relief, we cannot attest to the validity or usefulness of the abovementioned resources.

QUESTION: Have you ever attended a self-publishing seminar or taken a class on digital publishing? What did you learn?

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