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A Manuscript Explains How To Get Self-Published | Self-Publishing Relief

Are you a manuscript that’s been dreaming of getting self-published, but your writer is just too unsure about the process to get started? Whether you’re a memoir, novel, or collection of poetry or short stories, you deserve to get into the hands of eager readers! As a published manuscript that’s now a book available in print and online, I have some tips from the experts at Self-Publishing Relief on how you, too, can get self-published and become the book you always wanted to be.


How To Get Self-Published When You’re A Manuscript

Dear manuscript, your writer really does want you to be published, but may not be convinced you are ready. Here’s how to ensure you’re in the best possible shape to be self-published so your writer can take the next steps.

Have your writer rewrite several drafts. It’s not uncommon for a book manuscript to go through several drafts. If your writer tends to be a bit wordy, it’s time for a trim. Likewise, if you’re on the thin side, your writer should consider adding more substance. By creating several drafts, your writer can refine and tighten the text so that your audience will enjoy reading your pages!

Be sure you’re edited and proofread. Once you’re a final draft, your writer should have you edited and proofread, either by a professional or a skilled friend or colleague. You’ll want another pair of eyes to catch spelling and grammatical errors. If you need help with your plot or characters, your writer should work with a developmental editor. Keep in mind, manuscript, that if your pages are riddled with typos, you’ll end up getting bad reviews from readers, and your sales as a book will suffer.

Wear a well-designed book cover. Forget what you’ve heard—you will be judged by your cover! Your book cover is your best point-of-purchase marketing tool, so it should make a great impression. A professionally designed cover that hits all the right style points for your genre will increase the odds of a reader clicking the “buy” button.


Know your true worth. Of course, to your writer, you’re priceless! But to potential buyers, a self-published book needs to have the right price in order to boost sales. For your print version, elements such as page count, genre, and the price of similar books will all play a part in determining the right price. The same is true for your e-book version, but the price will probably be lower than your print book when all factors are taken into account.

Convince your writer to start the self-publishing process. My fellow manuscript, we know the first step can be the hardest for your writer. But it’s time to get you out there! If your writer is still fretful about navigating the many complex stages of self-publishing, my good friends at Self-Publishing Relief can guide your author successfully through the process! They’ve helped many writers self-publish books that they’ve been proud to put their names on.

As you know, writers sometimes need a nudge. Grab a sticky note and place it strategically on your cover page with this message: Contact Self-Publishing Relief today to set up a free consultation! (Don’t worry, writers are often distracted by new project ideas, so they won’t suspect it was you, clever manuscript!)

Good luck, manuscript! I look forward to seeing you on a virtual bookshelf near mine!


Question: If you have a manuscript to self-publish, what’s holding you back?


  1. Wendy

    Hi. I’m a mighty seed. My writer waters me with lots of words (I’m already over 56,000 words, and still very thirsty) but the thing is, I’m not sure which way I should sprout. She used to give me over 20,000 words a month, but now she’s barely making 10,000 words, and worries about what shape I’m taking. She’s taken me to her writers’ group, but she can only show so much of me at a time–it’s like that story of the blind men and the elephant. They seem confused, and blame it on me being such a complex story (a whole team of heroes, and a team of villains, and a third team whose motives are unclear, plus a few individuals that may or may not wind up with any of the teams) that they don’t know what’s going on in the 5-minute “readings” that she’s allowed with the group.

    • Mary Ann

      Mighty Seed,
      Suggest to your writer to find a beta reader or two who enjoy your genre. If your writer isn’t comfortable asking their trusted beta readers to read for free, maybe nudge your writer into it by supplying your betas with free meals and drinks.


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Thank you so much for all the amazing help you provided! I’m already thinking about my next project and you better believe I plan to use Self-Publishing Relief!

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King Grossman, Novelist

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