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Client Reviews and Testimonials

Telisha Moore Leigg


I never thought I could finish my book! I had a life goal that I wasn’t sure I could reach, but with Writer’s Relief’s/Self-Publishing Relief’s support, I can’t stress enough how smooth and wonderful the process is, how everyone (and a special warm thank you to Jill) goes out of their way to make sure you feel supported and valued, and [how] their sharp marketing acumen makes your work the best it can possibly be. You are always in great hands. I truly loved my experience and can’t wait to do it again.

Brigitte Cushman


I appreciate how Writer’s Relief/Self-Publishing Relief helped me publish my first book, Junior’s Dragon, on Amazon. Jill showed me how to publish with confidence. Writer’s Relief/Self-Publishing Relief offers resources for publishing success.

Tim Tuttle

Tim Tuttle


It’s difficult to describe how helpful Jill at Self-Publishing Relief was throughout this process. They were extremely helpful and responsive, particularly with respect to the design of the cover, which perfectly encapsulates the central theme of my novel. I give her and Self-Publishing Relief the highest possible recommendation.

Maria McLeod

Maria McLeod


I am so grateful to have been selected as the winner of the 2020 WaterSedge Poetry Chapbook Contest, sponsored by Writer’s Relief and judged by Oregon’s Ninth Poet Laureate Kim Stafford. How lucky to come upon a chapbook contest sponsored by experts in design-to-publication. I received great care, enthusiasm for my work, clear communication, and a wonderful poetry publication.

Lenny Levine


To say I was pleased with the work that Self-Publishing Relief did for my book Diehard Fan would be an understatement. “Delighted” would be closer to it, but it still wouldn’t capture my feelings. From the beginning they understood what I was going for, and they delivered in a big way. I could not be happier.

W. G. Peaks


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my experience with Self-Publishing Relief. Anything I say will be an understatement of that experience. I’ve been continually blown away by the support, encouragement, and enthusiasm you folks have provided me in preparing my novel for publication. Your infinite patience with me trying to learn the intricacies of getting a book published was amazing and absolutely appreciated. You can be sure I’ll be calling you when my next book is ready.

Sandy Ludwig


My heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Self-Publishing Relief for helping me get my first book into print. I couldn’t have done it without you. Your expertise, your patience and your encouragement helped get me through the rough spots. I appreciated how you took the time to answer my questions and explain things to me. I especially want to thank Erinn for being my contact person at Self-Publishing Relief and walking me through the whole process. Thank you one and all!

Christian Henderson


Working with the SPR Team could not have been easier or more personal. The team’s communication, often daily, via phone and email, made the process of self-publishing seamless, informative, thorough and, frankly, easier than I ever thought it would be. I received everything promised, had every question answered and could not be happier. I just need to write more so I can do it again! Special shout-out to Erinn. She was a pleasure to work with.

Marlene Saile


All through the process I appreciated your intelligent, caring expertise. Thanks again.

Rosary Hartel O’Neill


Working with the Team at Writer’s Relief and Self-Publishing Relief was a splendid experience. Their attention to detail, full support, and fascinating enthusiasm led me to submit my finest complete work. I recommend their publishing help unequivocally.

Mercedes Lawry


As the winner of the Second Annual WaterSedge Poetry Chapbook Competition, I was privileged to work with the great people at Self-Publishing Relief. They guided me through the process with astonishing efficiency and good cheer. They were excellent listeners and I had no qualms along the way that I wouldn’t be pleased with the result. I most certainly am!

Anne Denmark


Writer’s Relief and Self-Publishing Relief is a great company—I have worked with them in editing my book and in self-publishing. [They] led me through every step of the self-publishing process…an invaluable resource. I will use this service again!

Christopher Kuhl


My experience with Self-Publishing Relief in publishing Night Travels, my collection of poetry, was satisfying from beginning to end. They gave me guidance; they genuinely considered my suggestions; they patiently answered my myriad, panicky questions. The result was a quality book with a dynamite cover (and I was able to be part of the design process). The book has been selling very well; I have already, in just two months, received a substantial royalty check. And the response has been such that another publishing company wants to re-release an earlier book of mine. After reading Night Travels, they checked out my website and Facebook author page (created by Web Design Relief, Self-Publishing Relief, and Writer’s Relief), and my earlier book. We now have a contract and a slightly revised version of my earlier book in the hopper. I credit Self-Publishing Relief with this, because after seeing the book they produced, my new publisher—who does not take unsolicited manuscripts, but scouts out new books, contacts the author, and publishes only five to six books a year—chose my work. Finally, Self-Publishing Relief put together a nice video book trailer, and I am sure that is working for me. I couldn’t ask for more, and recommend them wholeheartedly.

King Grossman


I have found my people with Jill, Carol, Dave, Ronnie, and all the fellow “bookies” at Self-Publishing Relief. Their level of expertise is seasoned and savvy for navigating through the indie publishing landscape, as we established the imprint Occupy the Word Publishing. What is more, the team’s enthusiastic tenacity to solve difficult issues and create new opportunities in developing serious readership for my novels makes it a powerful pleasure to work with them. We are developing a publishing thrust for my future works, as well as for other authors we bring onto the literary scene through Occupy the Word Publishing. It is a team I have longed for and finally am blessed with. Thanks, Self-Publishing Relief!!!

Charles R. Young


I extend my sincere and hearty congratulations to the entire staff at Self-Publishing Relief. You were there at every step and guided me through a complex maze of publication procedures. You made my dream a reality and my upcoming projects will definitely be done by Self-Publishing Relief. Every time I look at my book, Day of Reckoning, I have you people to thank.

Alan Connors


Everyone at Self-Publishing Relief has always been great to work with. They have kept me updated on anything and everything I needed or wanted to know. It has been well worth my time and money to work with them. I couldn’t recommend a better company for writers to work with.

C. David Priest


Thank you and the company for the absolute excellent work you accomplished with my book. The Whippanini Man looks professional in every way. The care and patience you all exuded, especially in a time when I was ill and couldn’t always keep up with deadlines, show that you really value your customers and show a willingness to go the extra mile. I intend to stay put for all my other works in the future. I know what I have in Self-Publishing Relief for sure.

Andrea Ehrgott - Headshot

Andrea Ehrgott


The self-publishing team at Writer’s Relief lived up to their name by providing me with enormous relief. I am grateful for their professional guidance in proofreading, formatting, and uploading my book. Every step in the self-publishing process was expedited with courteous back-and-forth discussion. I found them to be competent and understanding.

Gail Chop and Margaret Corbett Wiley headshotGail Walsh Chop
Margaret Corbett Wiley


We co-authored a novel entitled Flashbulb Memories over the course of two years. The real work began when it came time to choose a path toward publication. We considered many available options but looked no more when we were referred to Self-Publishing Relief. Jill was an amazing partner—a skilled professional with a strong grasp of the industry and the process. She was patient and incredibly easy to work with. Jill has great communication skills—she responded to our multitude of questions and concerns the same or the next day without fail. If we were to write another novel, we will definitely come knocking on the door of Self-Publishing Relief.

Karen Sirabian


Many thanks to the team at Self-Publishing Relief for helping me publish Hogge Wild: A Gordon Strange Mystery. It was a pleasure to work with Jill and Erinn from cover to bound book. The process was thoroughly explained and the work they did was both timely and accurate, saving me many months of trial and error. Thanks again!

Howard Reiss


Working with Writer’s Relief to publish my new book, The ‘60s Diary, was a pleasure and well worth the cost.  The book looks so good I might even consider buying it.

Erinn-yes, two n’s-was like the high beam guiding the book down a long, dark country road.

Bobbi Dean


I am forever grateful I clicked the “yes” option for Writer’s Relief’s enticement to self-publish my poetry. I have grown through this rewarding journey. Writer’s Relief/Self-Publishing Relief professionals encouraged and guided me all along the way. Now I have a published book! My only wish? I’d done it sooner.

Listen to Bobbi talk about working with Self-Publishing Relief!

Ben Lattimore


I approached Writer’s Relief with curiosity after reading the hundreds of testimonials by other self-publishing companies. I ran across a list of those that writers should avoid like the plague and others that had suspicious operations. Accidentally, I opened a screen on my computer and saw something that read, “Writer’s Relief.” I finally opened the site and researched it up and down; I had a hundred and fifty questions that eventually led me to the President, Ronnie Smith. I spoke about the character of the organization and the “over promise and under delivery noise” that I had heard from other companies… I am pleased I chose Writer’s Relief/Self Publishing Relief and its various teams from design to production to guiding me through the exigencies of Kindle, Nook and print… I’ve committed to have this group do book # 2 in my 10-book series and look forward to a long relationship with them. No surprises in pricing, it is what it says!

John McCord


Using Self-Publishing Relief is the only way I would ever consider publishing my work, especially in these times. The process was seamless: They answered all of my questions and always kept me apprised of the next steps. If speed-to-market and keeping your work under your control are important to you, I would highly recommend Self-Publishing Relief.

Laurin Becker Macios


The team at Writer’s Relief and Self-Publishing Relief was supportive and helpful in creating my chapbook — from sending multiple cover design options to patience and thoroughness during review rounds. They made the publishing process easy and enjoyable!

Kathleen Glassburn

Writer and Editor

Publishing my short story collection has been a delightful experience with Self-Publishing Relief. All aspects were completed in a timely manner. I had several phone conversations with my representative and sincerely appreciate her patience with my rambling concerns. I will definitely consider using Writer’s Relief and Self-Publishing Relief for future publication efforts.

Cyndy Muscatel

Poet and Short Prose Writer

I just wanted to say how wonderful the Self Publishing Relief team has been. It’s been fantastic working with them! They encouraged me and kept me on the straight and narrow while understanding when I couldn’t get to the work on the book. They led me into the 21st century and created a platform I could not begin to imagine. They listened to my ideas, understood them, and used them when they fit. Thank you so much!

Steve Laracy


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Self-Publishing Relief has been prompt and professional, answering all my questions and meeting deadlines—and the book looks great.

Norma Hopcraft


It’s rare to find one-to-one support in the self-publishing world. Writer’s Relief/Self-Publishing Relief was responsive from my first call, giving me individual attention, great cover art, and knowledgeable support. Highly recommended!

J. N. Pratley


For several years I have published short stories and novels with Writer’s Relief/Self-Publishing Relief, and words cannot express my gratitude. Only a writer can appreciate their expertise and service and how it relieves the drudgery of publishing. Writing is what we want to do, and thank you, WR/SPR, for giving me that pleasure.

Bianca Chambers Carter


Thank you so much for all the amazing help you provided. With a full-time job and family obligations, I wouldn’t have gotten this project done in a timely manner. From setting up my CreateSpace account to formatting my manuscript to assisting with the type of paper to use, Self- Publishing Relief was truly a lifesaver! I’m already thinking about my next project and you better believe I plan to use Self-Publishing Relief!

Marcia B. Loughran


Carol and Jill (at the self-publishing division of Writer’s Relief) could not have been more generous with their time as we worked together toward the final product, Still Life With Weather, a chapbook. The team maintained a kind and respectful approach throughout. They were able to be gently firm with me, the perfectionist author, when the inevitable desire for perpetual editing threatened our deadline. I trusted their judgment in the areas of publishing that I was unfamiliar with—like paper, ink color, and margin size—and they made excellent recommendations. I would strongly recommend this team for their experience and their enthusiasm. The final product of our collaboration, my chapbook, was a beauty.

Reba Hilbert

I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of putting together a few copies of my father’s manuscript as a surprise book—but I should have known that Self-Publishing Relief would handle it for me quickly, painlessly, and with great attention to detail. It was so easy, and they were there every step of the way to make sure I was happy with the process…and the final result. And yes, definitely yes, I am very happy with the final result. Thank you for making my father’s dream come true!

Gippy Adams Henry


Thanks to the Self-Publishing Relief staff at Writer’s Relief for making the transition of publishing my first novel a rewarding experience. Their professional knowledge, attention to detail, availability, and patience with my busy schedule has been invaluable. As I promote this book and work on my second book, I can concentrate on writing, knowing they will be there to once again smoothly guide me to publication.

Shari Busa Ortiz


Thanks to Self-Publishing Relief, my book is officially published—something I was starting to believe was never going to happen on my own! Not only are they a wonderful and knowledgeable group of people, but I feel that they truly were personally vested in my novel! I hope to work with them again on my next project!

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