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Sometimes the process of self-publishing your book can seem overwhelming. When the cover color doesn’t look right, or formatting the book is taking an excruciatingly long time, or your publish date keeps getting pushed back, or one hundred other things go wrong—you might be tempted to give up on your dream.

Setbacks and surprises may make it hard to stay focused on your ultimate goal of getting your book published. But don’t despair! Self-Publishing Relief has tips to help you stay motivated and on track!

How To Stay Positive When Self-Publishing Your Book Gets Positively Frustrating

Stay proactive. Procrastination is dangerous for any writer. Break down the big tasks into smaller, manageable ones, then set up a schedule—and stick to it!

Pat yourself on the back for accomplishments. There are plenty of milestones you should be celebrating! Whether you’ve finished the manuscript or have the perfect cover chosen, you should reward yourself. Make sure it’s something you rarely have and really want so that you’re motivated to put in the work to claim your prize.

Realize perfection is a myth! It’s easy to become upset when things don’t go the way you planned. Don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward with your project.

Find others who share your goal. Other self-publishing authors can give you great insights into the process. And when you realize other writers have had to overcome the same obstacles as you—or have had even worse problems—you won’t feel so alone and lost. Hint: You can meet and connect with other writers at self-publishing writing conferences.

Use what inspires you. Post inspirational quotes near your workstation. Place a symbol of your triumph in your line of vision. That way, you can keep your motivation strong.

Staying motivated and maintaining a positive attitude are key to successfully completing your self-publishing project. And for the steps such as marketing or building your author website that may be far outside your wheelhouse of skills, don’t get frazzled—call in an expert. If you find yourself falling behind and in need of specialized assistance, Self-Publishing Relief can help! We’ll help you navigate every step of the self-publishing process so that you’ll have a book you can be proud to put your name on.


Question: How do you keep yourself motivated while sticking to your schedule?



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