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 Light the fireworks and start the parades—at Self-Publishing Relief, we celebrate publishing independence every day! Indie authors have almost total control over the publishing process from beginning to end and have the final say on everything from marketing platforms and distribution channels to cover design and trim size. While it’s also a lot of responsibility, we think all this freedom is cause for celebration!

4 Ways Indie Authors Are Awesomely Independent

Cover art design independence!

Having the final say about your book cover design is one of the best perks of self-publishing! Your book cover is your last point-of-purchase marketing tool, and even if you have a professional design your cover, you call the shots about images, fonts, and colors—and you decide when it’s right!

Timing independence!

Another reason self-publishing is right for so many authors is that it gives you the freedom to release your book when the timing is right for you—not when it fits into the publishing house’s schedule. There’s nothing worse than having to wait months (or even years) for your book to be published. By self-publishing, you establish your own timeline. Your book’s publication date is only as far away as you want it to be.

Author branding independence!

Creating and maintaining a strong author brand is especially important for self-published writers. Without a publishing house to spearhead your promotional efforts, you’ll be responsible for building not only your book sales, but your entire reputation. You need to work a little harder to etch your name and your book into the minds of potential fans, but you won’t be competing for a publisher’s busy marketing department’s time and attention, either!

Genre independence!

Writers often lock into one genre, whether by choice, at the urging of their mentors, or simply by accident. When you self-publish, switching genres is much easier. Maybe you’re a suspense writer but want to try your hand at a Western—or maybe you’re a successful poet itching to publish some prose. Switching genres can be a great way to successfully refresh your writing career—and maybe even gain some new fans.

When you self-publish, you take the success of your writing career into your own hands. The positive energy involved in getting your own project off the ground can propel you further—and faster—than waiting in line for your shot at traditional publication. But indie publishing isn’t for everyone; whether to self-publish or traditionally publish is a big decision. Establish your publishing priorities and weigh your options, and you might be surprised to discover that you are ready to declare your publishing independence!


QUESTION: Are you an indie author? Tell us what you love most about your publishing independence!

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