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Looking for a new event location to promote your self-published book? Check out this great list of local and regional book promotion venues for self-published authors! Some of these book promotion locations are traditional (we’re looking at you, bookstores!), but here at Self-Publishing Relief, we also see the potential in think-outside-the-box book promotion spots too.

34 Groups And Places That Could Host A Book Promotion Event For You

  1. Local independent bookstores
  2. The library in your town
  3. The many other libraries that are affiliated with your town library
  4. Schools (for in-class speaker visits)
  5. Specific school groups (extracurricular clubs)
  6. Continuing education programs
  7. Individual teachers of related courses at local colleges (guest speaker slots)
  8. Local coffee shops (chains or not)
  9. Gyms, yoga studios, other fitness clubs
  10. Hobby specialty stores
    1. Craft
    2. Hunting, fishing, outdoor outfitters
    3. Pet
    4. Gaming
    5. Hardware (great for demonstrations)
    6. Cooking
    7. Sports
    8. Pets
    9. Architecture or contractor’s showrooms
    10. Car dealerships
  11. Gift stores (like Hallmark)
  12. Grocery stores or specialty food stores
  13. Street fairs
  14. Book fairs
  15. Farmers markets
  16. Beer and wine festivals
  17. Food festivals
  18. Craft fairs
  19. Wineries
  20. Restaurants
  21. Airports (book signings at the stores or book shop)
  22. “Expos” at local conference centers
  23. Senior groups
  24. Mature adult communities other residential communities (apartments and condos)
  25. Lake communities (with active memberships)
  26. YMCA or similar organizations
  27. Religious organizations
  28. Small local writing groups
  29. National writing trade organizations that meet locally
  30. Book clubs
  31. Special interests and hobbies clubs
    1. History clubs
    2. Architecture clubs
    3. Photography clubs
    4. Parenting groups
    5. ESL groups
  32. Outdoors clubs (hiking, hunting, fishing, birding)
  33. Outdoors sports clubs (extreme races, skateboarding, boating, etc.)
  34. Activism organizations (history, civil rights, politics, environmental protection, etc.)

How To Get Venues To Say “Yes” To Your Book Promotion Event

Event coordinators—from bookstore owners to the presidents of outdoors clubs—often get pitches from potential speakers and guests. To stand out from the crowd, it’s important to remember that there’s usually one thing on the event coordinator’s mind: What’s in it for my members/customers/me?

If you ask for free promotion—but can’t really offer anything exciting in return—chances are your pitch (or plea) will be turned down. But if you can create a seminar, lecture, or event that has a great takeaway value, you might have audiences banging down your door!

Here are tips to help you create a compelling pitch that will convince coordinators to say YES to your book event:

  • Use your existing connections and reach out to new people.
  • When you visit in person to make your pitch, bring a promotional gift basket.
  • Tempt organizers with the promise of a great promotional contest or other freebies.
  • Mention cause marketing (giving proceeds back) to support the organization or cause.
  • Create a media kit that includes:
    • A welcome letter (to introduce yourself, stress a commitment to cross-promotion, etc.)
    • A great “About Me” page with an impressive bio and a great photo
    • Quotes and book reviews
    • A summary of your speaking options: seminars, readings, lectures, varying topics
    • A sample copy of your book(s)
    • Promotional items
    • A sample interview that shows off your entertaining personality and speaking ability
    • A list of other places you’ve appeared
    • A sample press release
    • Contact information
  • Follow up afterward with a nice thank-you note.

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Question: Where is the most unusual venue you’ve ever held a book promotion event?

1 Comment

  1. Ashley

    This is perfection….. out of the ordinary and not so ordinary ways to protect more your book and ideas surrounding it. What about cafes and restaurants? CD stores malls? This is perfect. Love this thank you so very much for the ideas. If there are any other ways to promote books which and where writers should turn to please let’s us know.


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