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10 Pesky Self-Publishing Chores You Can Safely Outsource To Other People | Self-Publishing Relief

For many authors who self-publish their books, having complete control over every step of the design, packaging, pricing, and marketing of their books is a rewarding advantage of this “do it yourself” process. Yet the pressure to do every self-publishing chore—and do it right—can also be exhausting. At Self-Publishing Relief, we know the best way to prevent burnout and embarrassing mistakes is to outsource some of the self-publishing chores to experts. You’ll still have the final say about your self-published book, but without the stress, aggravation, and lack of sleep that would come from trying to do everything yourself.


Self-Publishing Chores You Can Outsource Without Sacrificing Quality


How many times have you been distracted by the hunt for details, only to rise out of your Internet-surfing hours later with information confirmed…but no actual progress made?

More and more indie authors are hiring self-publishing assistants to handle research and fact-checking. Having an assistant to chase down the details you need confirmed lets you focus on the bigger tasks at hand that require your attention.


It’s difficult to proofread your own novel. By the time an author arrives at this stage of production, it’s easy for an extra comma or a misspelled word to be missed. Proofreading is best done by another pair of eyes, preferably a professional copyeditor or proofreader.


If you’re technically adept, you may already know how to format your manuscript into .epub, .pdf, and .mobi formats for uploading to e-book vendors. Software programs like Vellum, Scrivener, and Calibre offer easy conversions, and some e-book vendors allow you to upload Microsoft Word documents directly, as long as the documents are properly prepared.

But if you don’t want to spend hours learning new software, hiring a professional to do the formatting for you is a smart way to save time by  outsourcing this self-publishing chore .


Cover Design

You may be a whiz at Adobe Photoshop, but how much do you know about genre expectations when it comes to book covers? Are you sure you aren’t infringing copyright with your chosen images? A good cover designer will work with you to create an original look that fulfills your requirements, hits genre expectations, and makes a reader say WOW.

Remember, your cover is your ultimate point-of-purchase sales pitch. Make sure it’s well designed and can close the deal.

Cover Copy

Your book cover blurb and sales copy are two of the most important pieces of writing you’ll need beyond the manuscript. It takes a different mindset to compose a blurb compelling enough to entice readers to click and buy. Luckily, some people excel at this skill, and they’re willing to write your cover copy for you!

Building An Author Website

Your author website is the hub of all your marketing activity, and you’ll definitely need one before self-publishing your book. Even if you’re skilled with WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix world-building software, do you know what the most important elements of an author website are? Are you great at graphic design? Do you understand SEO? Building a fabulous website is a huge task. You’ll save tons of time and stress by hiring experts who specialize in author websites like the pros at Web Design Relief.


Book Trailer

Book trailers are a great way to attract the attention of a new audience. You could try doing it yourself with software like Animoto, or skip the long tutorials and delegate this task to a company with experience creating memorable book trailers.

Press Release

Looking to make an impact in traditional media? Have contacts but don’t know how to approach them? To catch the eye of newspapers, radio, and TV, you’ll need a press release crafted to create buzz. Outsourcing this task to someone who knows how to generate interest will get you the best results.

Administrative Details

Self-publishing involves a slew of administrative details. You have to set up vendor accounts, buy and manage ISBNs, upload manuscripts, choose categories, maximize keywords, monitor contests and publicity efforts, schedule interviews and blog posts, etc. A savvy assistant can help sweep these time-sucking self-publishing chores off your desk.

Social Media

Social media is all about authenticity, so it’s important your unique voice is represented. But that doesn’t mean you have to handle all the social media! Virtual assistants can create social media posts, visuals, and ad campaigns that effectively target your readers without sounding too salesy.

Consider one more time-conserving measure for the self-published author. Rather than rationing these tasks out to different sources, consider partnering with a single company that offers a package of services that fit your needs. Consolidating efforts not only saves time, but will allow for a consistency of brand design across all your production and marketing efforts. Self-Publishing Relief can help you navigate every step in the process so you can have a book you’ll be proud to put your name on—without the stress and time-consuming work of doing it all yourself! Schedule your free consultation today!


Question: As a self-published author, what tasks would you most like to outsource to professionals?


  1. Rosemary Imregi

    All of your suggestions and advice was excellant, that is for someone who can afford to pay an editor, or proofreader. I don’t have the kind of money necessary to edit, or design book covers. I live from paycheck to paycheck. I’m working on my third novel now. The first two have not sold very well. But I’m improving with each story, and hoping that this book will be successful. So I’m looking for all the help I can get. So how does an author with not much money make their book a good read?

    • SPR Staff

      Hi Rosemary! It can definitely add up to hire help when self-publishing. If you’re looking to get help without spending much (or anything), we’d recommend getting out into the community and starting to make connections with other people in the writing/creative worlds. This could be in person or online (there are tons of writing groups on Facebook). Often times people will be willing to trade services so that neither party has to spend money to get what they’re looking for, so think about what you could bring to the table for other people, too, and try offering your help in exchange for the assistance you’re needing!


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