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Your book cover art is your most powerful point-of-purchase marketing tool at bookstores and in online retailers—but that’s not the end of your book cover’s sales potential! Your book cover art can also be used on social media to boost sales and build your following. Because Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr all focus on the visual impact of a post, these social media sites are especially effective places to showcase your cover design. To make the best impression and get more repins, reposts, and reblogs, use these clever tips and tricks for each social media platform!

Pinterest: Boost Your Book’s Pinnable Potential

How can you turn your book cover into a pinnable image that your followers will want to share? Get creative! Instead of simply posting a static image of your cover art, take a photo of your book in an interesting location. Or, you can ask friends and family members to pose while reading your book. When you post your image, make sure to include a well-worded description and appropriate keywords and tags. Be sure to add categories like “Film, Music, and Books” or “Art” to your board so that users who don’t yet follow you will still find your images.

Instagram: Instantly Successful Images

Here are a few easy ways your book cover photos can get more likes and comments on Instagram—and help increase sales! Always use hashtags like “#book” or “#reading” to increase the number of people who will see your image. And while applying filters to your images can definitely create a unique, interesting color scheme, be careful not to edit your photos too much, or your book cover art may become unrecognizable. Consider having a contest that will encourage users to share photos of your book cover for a chance to win a free copy. It’s a smart way to gain more exposure for your book while building your Instagram fan base!

Tumblr: Reaching More Reblogs

Tumblr can be a powerful marketing tool for writers. On Tumblr, images are shared through “reblogging,” where one user reposts your content on their own blog with a link to the original source. Getting more users to reblog your book cover depends not only on tagging your images accurately, but also on how much you interact with other users. Following blogs with content similar to yours and engaging with the content they post will prompt other users to interact with you. The result? More traffic (and followers!) to your blog. As more followers reblog your book cover, their followers will reblog it from them, and your exposure will increase exponentially!

Of course, having fabulous, standout cover art that accurately conveys the genre and subject matter of your novel will make your cover art more shareable across all social media platforms. To see eye-catching examples of affordable, professional cover designs, take a look at book cover art the experts at Self-Publishing Relief have come up with!


QUESTION: What social media platforms have you used to promote your self-published book?

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